All passengers arriving at a Malaysian port of entry are checked through Immigration Control. Please make sure that you have the proper documents at the check point. For international students who wish to study in Malaysia, they need to have a valid student’s Visa – Visa application is available at the Malaysian Embassy, Consulate or High Commission in the country of origin. For the location of the Malaysian foreign mission please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( ) and Immigration Department of Malaysia ( )



When you arrive in Malaysia you will pass through Customs. You will have to pay charges on any items which exceed the Customs Allowances. If you have more than the Customs Allowances, you must declare them to a customs officer. Do not try to hide goods; anything which is not properly declared may be confiscated and severe penalties can be imposed on anyone breaking Customs regulations. Customs officers may stop travellers to carry out random checks.

Prohibited and Restricted Goods that may not be imported into Malaysia include controlled drugs (such as opium, heroin, morphine, cocaine, cannabis, amphetamines, barbiturates and LSD); firearms, ammunition and explosives; counterfeit coins and bank notes; indecent and obscene books, magazines, films and other articles; radio transmitters.

Do not attempt to smuggle drugs or any animal into Malaysia. Never carry bags through Customs for someone else. Be warned that Malaysia has very severe punishment for drugs trafficking which carries a mandatory death sentence.



1. Commonwealth countries that require visa


2. Visa Requirements for other countries

Afghanistan (Visa with reference) Equat. Guinea* Myanmar
Angola* Eritrea* Nepal
Bhutan Ethiopia* Nigeria*
Burkina Faso* Guinea-Bissau* Rwanda*
Burundi* Hong Kong (C.I/D.I) Serbia Montenegro
Central African Republic* India Sri Lanka
China Israel** United Nation (Laissez Passer)
Colombia* Ivory Coast (Cote D’ivoire)* Western Sahara
Congo Democratic Republic* Liberia* Yugoslavia
Djibouti* Mali*


  1. For the countries marked as ( * ) are allowed to enter Malaysia by air only.
  2. Israel citizen( ** ) who wish to enter are required Visa and approval from Ministry of Home Affairs, Malaysia.
  3. Visa is not required for a stay of less than one (1) month for ASEAN nationals except Myanmar. Visas are required for duration of stay exceeds (1) month except for Brunei and Singapore nationals.

Yellow Fever certificate is required to be produced upon landing in Malaysia for countries as listed below:

Angola Ethiopia Senegal
Benin Gabon Sierra Leone
Bolivia Gambia South Africa
Brazil Ghana Sri Lanka
Burkina Faso Guinea-Bissau St Kitts & Nevis
Burundi Kenya Suriname
Cameroon Mali Tanzania
Central African Republic Niger Togo
Chad Nigeria Uganda
Djibouti Panama Venezuela
Equador Peru Zaire
Guinea Rwanda Zambia
Eritrea Sao Tome & Principe